a lesson from being hacked and a break from social media

so I may have gotten hacked on social media today. It was cruel too. He could have posted a picture on Instagram and/or Facebook, or no, he decided it would be hilarious to comment on Humans of NY’s Instagram about me wanting to kill myself.

That’s not funny at all.

I know people who have taken their own lives and it deeply affects the people around them.

Honestly, I am hurt that he or she thought this would seem “harmless”. One person even contacted my school because she was worried.

Well, all passwords have been changed, privacy settings changed, and embarrasing calls to Covenant College made.

I’ll be praying for the person to find Christ, because in Christ we find our worth! It’s a lesson that even I am learning right now.

However, I did realize that this probably wouldn’t have happened if I wasn’t constantly browsing Facebook or Instagram. So I think it is a perfect time to do a little fast right before I go back to school.

Here’s to being off from Instagram and Facebook for a while. I want to blog though.

Here’s to reading, soaking in the sun, packing, and asking my God – “what do You have in store for me this semester?”
“Be present”

Hebrews 12:1-2


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