Whatever Goes [With Coffee] // August 14th

So in honor of Tim Challies’s daily A La Carte posts, I thought it’d be cool to copy him, and regularly spotlight some interesting posts, articles, or music. Of course, I don’t want to steal his thunder, so I’m calling this series “Whatever Goes [With Coffee]“.

I love the Prayer of Humble Access. This blog explains why it’s important, even though it’s controversial.

The Curious Faith Of Puddleglum The Marshwiggle: “Throughout much of the Church today, particularly in the evangelical circles I grew up in, the focus in life is essentially the complete opposite. What happens in this life, we’re told, pales in importance when compared to eternity. Our focus as Christians, we’re told, should therefore be on eternity and where we’re going. But Puddleglum’s focus isn’t on eternity. He’s focused on the present. And on others besides himself. That’s the other really curious thing about the eternal pessimist’s faith. It’s profoundly selfless.”

In middle school and high school, I spent a lot of time in Pentecostal/Charismatic settings, which have been greatly influential in my journey. This article notes how Pentecostalism isn’t merely confined to a specific group of people, but has been seeping into the wider evangelical circle.

For people who know me, they know that Bethel Music is one of my absolute favorites. Two of the artists associated with Bethel Music, Jonathan and Melissa Hesler, wrote this beautiful song called “No Longer Slaves”, which I haven’t stopped listening to for the past few months. Justin Bieber recently pointed out his favorite songs, and No Longer Slaves is on his top three on his iPod.

In 2013, a pregnant police officer wasn’t able to reschedule her sergeant’s exam that was the day of her due date.

United Pursuit came out with a new album today! This is the third album I’ve bought this year (the first is Gungor’s “One Wild Life: Soul“, which is amazing & the second is Hillsong’s Empires) and I’m really digging it so far. This is their second “live” album, and you can feel the authenticity of the recording, and the ambiance of the room. .


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