i got back to school on Sunday night, spent the next four days in preparation for the new students to move in, and yesterday was the first day of new student orientation. in all of this, I can confidently and boldly proclaim the goodness of God. God is reminding me over and over again of who He is in both my life and in the lives of those in this precious community. God is giving me joy that I didn’t know I have, because there was no joy in me this summer. seeing friends after a summer apart has been beautiful. i’m reminded of all these little blessings that our Father so richly and graciously gives us. on thursday night, all the student leaders met together for a time of praise and worship. when we were practicing for that, i was a bit overwhelmed because i didn’t exactly know how to play to the point that it fits the mood and i’m not showing off, but everything worked out! practice was sweet, and i always forget that even practicing for worship services is definitely a form of worship. that worship night went so well, and the Holy Spirit was able to remind me of the truths that I was playing, like one day we will see the glories of heaven and we will be victorious, with no more suffering [be thou my vision] and we desperately desire for Jesus to come back because we are just pilgrims on a journey [come thou fount] or that because of Jesus’s sacrifice, we are able to display full confidence and full trust in Him [now why this fear].after that worship night, we went on a prayer walk around campus, praying for each new and returning student that would be soon moving in. it was sobering, especially for me to walk behind a friend whose sister was just diagnosed with cancer. yet, we have great hope for this semester! that she would be healed!! that these new students would be able to transition well and feel so loved by covenant. after we walked through all the halls, we gathered on the overlook for a time of corporate prayer. i was overwhelmed by this throne of witnesses that I was seeing [and how great is it that we are boldly able to approach the throne!] and it was beautiful just agreeing with my friends about what we want God to do for this year, and for what God has said He will do.

yesterday was so exhausting. i woke up this morning and i was still sore. but God kept supernaturally filling me with energy and joy. i loved standing at the bottom of covenant, waving to new students and directing them to their residence halls. i loved standing at the welcome desk and answering so many questions [i now know how to get to the mailroom, or for ID cards to get made really well]. i loved meeting people who came on HOPE trips and still remembered me. i loved meeting international and diversity students. & i was truly burnt out by 3, but i pushed through and we were able to meet our orientation team. our first meeting was sort of awkward, but went much better than expected. i really like this cohort, and am so excited for their next oh-so-how-many years at covenant.

so yeah. God has been gracious in loving me this week. i was able to hear a friend share about his time at a charismatic church this summer in south africa, and it was so encouraging, both to hear about his experiences, and also to be able to relate with my own experiences. i was at court the other day, and my citation got dismissed, which is a huge blessing. my housemates are slowly moving in, and the other night my friend asked me “hey, I’m going to sleep soon. want to pray together”.

i’ve missed this community so much.

so excited for this next week of orientation, and for school to start.


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