A prayer from the well

God! My source! My life! Help me to allow myself to lie down in the river and go where you have me to go.

I admit that it’s so tough for me to relinquish control and fully submit to [anyone, much less] you [who I cannot see] but that’s why I need to depend on you even more.

Because you are my source, I am never lacking and I rest in that promise. I am never lacking. I lack nothing. When I come out of the river, I won’t be worried, because I’ll know that I’ll find what I’ll need [for the day] in You.

Because You are my source, [even though you want me to constantly find you] I don’t need to restrict myself to a particular place or event to find you.

I will taste and see that you are good, and I was eagerly drink of your goodness. Thank you that you never fail to remind me of your love. You’re teaching me that there is no dry seasons if I know that I am yours, because I have a [living] river of life flowing out of me.


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