being faithful

I’m learning to be faithful in the little things these days.

It’s not been easy. School is mostly a wreck. My emotions have been a wreck. I long for heaven every day, but God whispers to me –

This is exactly where I have called you to be

God likes reminding me that He is present in my life, because I am forgetful. 

I want to be faithful in the little things. I want to walk in joy even when times are hard. I want to try my best in school. I want to be present with my housemates. I want to marvel at how the people around me are walking with Jesus.

God, thanks for the body of Christ.

In some ways, this semester has been a #tbt to freshman year. I feed off other people’s prayers. Not a day goes back where I don’t ask someone to pray for me. Sometimes I am so weak and I can’t trudge to the throne. I need someone to go for me.

God, thanks that we are able to boldly approach Your throne. With confidence.

So if you see me, stop me for a moment and pray for me. Pray with me. I covet those prayers.

Hey Victoria, I am pleased with you. And that is enough. I am your good father.


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