Sweater weather


Sometimes it’s a beautiful thing to realize the body of Christ is real & not merely what you saw in Acts 2.
Thank you Apartment 7&8 for showing me Jesus these past few months, especially when I am unable to see Him for myself.
“Far be it to me to not believe, even when my eyes can’t see.”
Yeah. School has not been fun . lt’s crazy tough and busy, but honestly I’d have it no other way. Discipline keeps me busy, and keeps me from thinking other thoughts.
Also, these freshmen these year are crazyencouraging. I love you guys.Thank you for always brightening my day!
Even in my stress and my busy schedule, God’s goodness has been made even more obvious (and gloriously). And so, God, my eyes are on You.
Thank You for community.
Thank you for coffee.
Thank You for breaks, oh how l need this break.
Thank you for community groups.
Thank you for church.
Thank you for skylines.
Thank you for new phones.
Thank you for surprising me and lavishing me with •good• and perfect gifts.
You are a good, good father and You will not let me forget that.


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