the harvest is plentiful

I’ve been following along with the triennial Urbana missions conference this week.  It’s always been a dream of mine to attend the conference, but there is just too many expenses associated with the conference for me to attend. However, God has also created this little thing called technology, and through Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, the live stream, Snapchat, Periscope, and Yik Yak, I’ve definitely been keeping up with the conference.

Technology is such an amazing thing. Through Twitter, I am able to connect with mission organizations, as well as view highlights from the plenary sessions – especially for talks and testimonies that are not being recorded because of security. Through Instagram, I am able to see photos and timelapses of the conference as recorded by the participants. Then I can watch the  worship and the sessions via the live stream AND periscope. Through Snapchat, I’m able to experience plenary sessions, lounges, the lost and found, exhibitors (describing their work), and people worn out and sleeping. I was especially impressed by how the media team has used Periscope. They used it last night to basically record the majority of the session, though it wasn’t being broadcasted. They walked through the entire arena to document different parts of the session, from worship, to the experience of people taking communion….and it was incredible to see. Almost like I was there. They also have gone to the Bible studies in the morning, behind the scenes, different seminars,  and it’s just so well done. I don’t know what they use Yik Yak for, but it seems to be enjoyed.

Oops, tangent.

I’m not that disappointed that I’m not at Urbana. I’ve loved the speakers, but nothing has really been new. I also was blessed to go to Cross Conference in 2013, which is a smaller missions conference

[Just bought a $50 pass for $150 off registration for Urbana ’18, thanks to James and McKenzie]

That conference was amazing, and affirmed my calling to “go”. I was able to connect with great missions organizations and I was challenged by the talks and seminars that I went to. For that reason, it’s okay that I’m not at another missions conference for the time being, because what’s the point of going to conference after conference if not action?

I think this week, I was reminded that I am an Asian-American Christian for a reason. God calls all people into missions. Different speakers have talked about how we see different people groups as mission targets when they are being mobilized into the harvest themselves (like Arabs and Latinos). God is calling sons and daughters of every tribe, tongue, people, and nation to find more sheep.

To be continued…


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