God, we don’t want to act as if You are not present in our spaces.

You are so alive – so real.

Forgive us for not being attentive to the ways You are working in our lives and in the lives of those around us.

Would we never get tired of You. Such a silly thing to say on the surface, but boredom is our siren song. Just look at how much we’ve spent on phones.

Would we never get tired of You. God, help us to realize that You have never stopped moving. The orchestra of the Kingdom’s song becomes more beautiful each second – and we get to be part of that.

Would we get never tired of You! Make us like children who yearn for their father’s embrace night after night.

I used to think that You could only prove to me that You are alive through signs and wonders. [You are a God of signs and wonders, and I have seen that in these past 6 years. I have seen people start laughing when they realize how good You are. I have seen people’s bodies been healed on the spot out of Your kindness. I have seen people pray to You in a language that they themselves don’t comprehend.]

But I see you giving joy to my friend who strives for joy despite her depression, and I know You are real. She proclaims that You are enough, and You nudge me to remember that You are enough.

Then I see how the church comes around a family that has been hit by so many obstacles recently, and I am reminded that You are real.

You reminded me that I came into college excited, yet defeated because I thought I would be ostracized again because of my speech disability. Covenant has challenged my passivity and slowly molded me into a leader (I hope), and I know You are real.

Those who know You sprout out streams of life and joy and they will never run dry.

I will never run dry.

My cup is overflowing.



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