You will

So I found an old journal of mine (2010) from this camp that I went to. This prayer/declaration really struck me. Some of it is pretty naive, but most of it was incredibly encouraging.

______ is a friend of mine. I wish that he was saved. I shall fast for hin. And that’s the end.

….what, Victoria?

Don’t worry, that’s the cringe part.

One day you’ll come to know who christ truly is. You’ll see the majesty and the glory of the King. How great is our God. How great is our God. The Church is at its last days, where saints will prophesy.

…..that last sentence though. Victoria, you almost redeemed yourself but. Fine, I’ll give you another chance.

You will become a warrior. One thing that you have desired is to seek God’s hearts. You will love Him like you have never before. PRAISE GOD. PRAISE GOD. all the pain from your family, from forced religion will have ceased. It will come to an end. You will constantly praise God for He is mighty.

Would we pray this for our friends and family who don’t know the love of the Father. Reading this 6 years later, I’m astonished at the faith I had 6 years ago. I want that faith again. I’m learning to seek God like a child again these days.


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