Because I am more than dinosaur onesies, weird nicknames, and loud outbursts

So I’m running for Student Senate as senior class president right? Here’s the speech I delivered tonight. Actually, this is the first speech I’ve ever given, wow.

Hey guys. When I came to Covenant, I dreaded the next four years. Sure, I had picked Covenant over a few other schools. Sure, its motto and all that good stuff really intrigued me. But I was scared because I doubted that I would fit in. Or really fit

    at all.


But thank you for believing in me the past few years. For bearing with me as I’ve explored who I am – as I’ve explored the particular gifts that God has given me.  Thank you for believing me as I’ve learned not to let my speech impediment to define who I am – but move beyond that. I haphazardly came up with “End with a bang, vote for Yang” – but as senior class president, I’d love to serve y’all well as we transition from the Covenant community into the “real world” both with fun events like bonfires, class study breaks, and events to celebrate our time at Covenant – and with more serious events like commencement, off campus prayer and praise, senior class gifts and speakers. I’m particularly interested in figuring out how off -campus seniors can feel plugged in on campus – that is if they choose to.  I promise you, if you vote for me, I’ll make your wildest dreams come through – AHEM, I mean that if you vote for me, together – we can end our time at Covenant with a BANG.

I know that no matter what happens, I’m going to end my time at Covenant with a bang because with your help, I’ll have moved from “the Asian girl with the speech impediment” to “Victoria Yang, the girl who took advantage of the opportunities she had at Covenant to explore all that God is calling her to be”. (But being senior class prez would be cool too.)

[I’d appreciate it if you’d consider voting for me tomorrow!]


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