a little curation pt. 1

I’ve getting to that stage where I’m awfully nostalgic and whimsical because I GRADUATE IN LESS THAN A MONTH. So I’m making this goodbye album on Facebook with captions and all… (please “like” the album please)

More to come…

to a temporary home
to rest
to lazy saturdays
to cheap rent
to aromas of coffee and tea
to hard lessons
to confrontation and rebuke
to friendship
to all-nighters in the armchair
for these I thank You Abba


to learning old hymns
to gathering together and singing
to doxologies
to each Sabbath
to days where classes are canceled and we praise, pray, and practice community
to donuts and hot chocolate
to that second “canceled” Day of Prayer (2/2014) and impromtu service in Mills
to climbing the Tower
to Chaplain Lowe’s Daily Offices
to reflect on how faithful God has been

for these I thank You Abba.3

to chattanooga house of prayer
to learning to delight in the father
to piano riffs
to soaking
to couches in the elevator
to hitting the “funk” button on the keys while someone was praying
to playing keyboard
to learning to be, and not do

for these i thank you Abba4

to community groups

to Sojourn
to all the groups I have been a part of
to genuine hospitality and the removal of facades
to that one time freshman year when i got a care package
to being missionaries together
to hard questions and honest discussion
to confiding in each other and loving each other well
to CG leaders that have served self-lessly and extraordinarily even when their personal lives have been absolute hell
for these I thank you Abba

to coffee shops in chattanooga
to the ones who are no longer here and the ones that are thriving
to cortados, and to regionally sourced coffee beans
to coffee shops that employ sustainable best practices
to seeing covenant students wherever i go
to being a place of refuge, even when you charge me exorbiant amounts of money for a pourover
to new connections made through coffee shops
to showing me there’s more than just lattes
to hard conversations over coffee
to brash, copecatic, pasha, cadence, velo, mean mug, the camphouse, rembrandts, goodmans, whole foods, niedlovs, plus coffee, revelator, frothy monkey, mad priest, stone cup, starbucks(*) on the mountain, starbucks(*) on broad, starbucks(*) on brainerd, peets

for these I thank you Abba

(* I only go to starbucks for doubleshot on ice)6

to teresato her joy
to her life-giving, self-sacrificial spirit
to her joy
to her willingness to ask hard questions
to her joy
to her love for clarkston
to her joy
to her love for art
to the fruit of the Spirit that bubbles out of her
to her incredible friendship
to the fact that she finally has a smartphone and laptop
to her hard-working attitude and her writing skills
to her joy
i thank you for her, Abba


to brittanyto our mutual connections
to her goofiness
to our friendship
to her perservance
to her musical gifts
to her passion for worship
to her strengths in seeing the good in others
to her awesome job as a RA
to her heart for the poor and marginalized
i thank you for her, Abba


to the natural light in the library, the dorms, mills, brock, and chapel
to momentary gleanings
to aesthetic perfection
to a break from the monotony of each day

for these I thank you Abba9

to the past 4 years in diversity program
to that first welcome-to-covenant travel mug 4 years ago
to all the new songs i’ve learned in different languages
to realizing that we are ALL made in the image of God
to all the worship nights
to hard conversations about race
to indonesians
to watching Fruitvale Station freshman year
to all the diversity bible studies (especially the ones in jackie’s apartment)
to that one time when we went to a passion tour in Rome and then roadtripping to atlanta for Iron Age and getting back at 5am
to identifying my own worth and voice
to all the incredible div leaders

for these i thank you Abba.10

(i haven’t seen real snow this school year so this is from spring of sophomore year)
to snow
to sleeping at last songs
to feeling a weight off your shoulders when you realize that assignment is no longer due the next day
to ijm coffee house miraclously not canceling in the midst of heavy snow
to scooping up a bucket-full of snow for snow cream
to dutch-sized snowmen
to the awaited email from dean voyles
to the gorgeous snow-covered view of lookout mountain
to the glee of winter
to sliding down the hill behind carter with storage bin lids
to knowing that you are loved when you are pelted with snowballs….

for these memories i thank you Abba11(11)
to saturday mornings in krupski at 9am

the beautiful natural light that pierces into the living room when I walk into the house
to the Kaufmanns’ incredible hospitality and generosity
to blueberry pancakes, oj, bacon, and french-pressed coffee
to the first-timer speech
to the best hidden secret of covenant
to friend groups coming together (because there’s not enough seats)
to laughter
to the warm patio, no matter how cold it is outside
to having to catch your seconds and thirds from dr. kaufmann
to the kaufmanns’ kind prayers
to the perfect way to start a saturday morning

for these i thank you Abba


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