A simple prayer lately – my flesh is weak, Jesus. I am weak. Help me trust You. As surely as the dawn appears, You are near to me.

The Only Guide You’ll Ever Need to Atlanta Coffee Shops

It’s a Sunday afternoon, and you’re dying for an overpriced pour-over that you could have made at home at a third-wave coffee shop. Where do you go? Luckily for you, I have some (unsolicited) ideas, as a belated ode to National Coffee Day:* Chrome Yellow Trading Company — because it’s extra hipster. Beware, parking is at a premium. Unless … More The Only Guide You’ll Ever Need to Atlanta Coffee Shops

a dimly lit path

​ I’m walking along a dimly lit path, struggling to reach the end. With every step I take, I muster to conserve the remaining energy that I have left. Thoughts wheeze around my head. If I could visualize these thoughts, it’d be a whole lot of Anger, Disgust, Fear, and Sadness. But, Lord, this is so … More a dimly lit path

take courage

  I am graduating in less than a month (eek!), and I’ve been doing some serious reflection of my time at Covenant lately (shameless plug: I have a Facebook album titled “The Farewell Series”; check it out for some of these said reflections). I’ve been in awe of God’s faithfulness over the past few years, … More take courage

hands wide open

A lil more personal – I’ve been breathing extra hard lately. Well, I force myself to breathe, and to breathe often. I don’t know if it’s the foggy mountain or my own apprehension towards looming graduation and unemployment, but I’m experiencing heightened emotion that I normally am able to block out pretty well. I’ve always … More hands wide open

to spring

to the winter I bid farewell to anxiousness, to hopelessness, to depression, to inadequacy to these I bid farewell to spring I plead, “Come quickly” to confidence, to fears assuaged, to hope that surely promises comfort to knowing that this is not the end, and with the barrenness of winter springs abundance again to the winter … More to spring